Luraghi ou Lee Lucas ?

La ressemblance est tellement frappante qu’on se demande lequel est le clone de l’autre.

Voilà en tous les cas une analyse qui devrait faciliter le travail du professeur de psychiatrie adulte et expert psychiatre brestois Michel Walter sur le cas Luraghi.

Je le lui ai soumis il y a peu et ne doute pas qu’il accorde toujours une grande attention à toutes mes suggestions.

Henry Lee Lucas Analysis

Henry Lee Lucas’ “career” as a serial killer is likely caused more by nurture rather than nature.  Although there is a chance that there may be a genetic disorder passed through his family line to cause this kind of behavior, there is no real proof.  There is proof, however, that certain nurturing techniques and other life experiences may be to blame for Henry’s lack of respect for human dignity, and objectively detrimental life choices.

  • Dressed like a girl
    •         Henry Lee Lucas was dressed like a girl when he was a child by his mother, and was constantly belittled and mistreated.  The way she raised him had an effect on his perception of the world, and he was always saying how he thought the police treated him with no respect and were always trying to make things worse for him.  he perceived things in such a way that everyone had a negative predisposition towards him right when they met him.  He was quoted saying: “I hated all my life. I hated everybody. When I first grew up and I can remember, I was dressed as a girl by Mother. And I stayed that way for three years.”  The dressing up like a girl seems to be a very belittling scarring experience because there is another example of a different murderer, name Thomas Yates, going through the same experience. He was sent to school like that and bullied by all the other kids for it, and his first victim ended up being one of his bullies.  Although it is only clear that the thing they have in common is the girl outfits, the psychological impact it had on these two boys seems to be the same.  Experiences that lead to constantly being put down, and at a young age, seem to shape the perception of these people and make them go about life viewing people from a different angle that leaves them with very little trust and the idea that everyone will treat them badly.
  • Alcoholic by age 10
    •         At a very young age, Henry Lee Lucas was introduced to alcohol by his moonshiner father.  As a child everyone’s brain is more neuroplastic and takes in as much information as it can to piece together the world.  The effects of alcohol on the brain are long-term and serious, and that’s just in  adults.  To younger drinkers the effects stay with them longer and are more amplified and prominent.  Henry’s alcoholic habit caused irreversible damage to his attention span and most likely his memory, long and short-term.  Alcohol damages the white matter of the brain and slows down the communication from cell to cell, so Lucas was probably not a very quick, or deep thinker and probably had a tendency to get bored very easily; not a good habit for a violent or angry person.
  • Bestiality/Animal torture
    •         As a child, one’s norms are defined by what they see around them.  Children often mimic the actions of the surrounding adults for self preservation, but also to learn.  For this very reason, Henry Lee Lucas has little to no respect for life.  When he was young, Henry’s Uncle introduced him to bestiality and animal torture, teaching him the the value of a life is insignificant.  However, Lucas isn’t the only mass murderer with a history animal torture; killers such as Dennis Rader, Richard Chase and Gary Ridgway all practiced animal abuse in the early stages of their life.  FBI Special Agent Alan Brantly has studied this connection and believes that killing animals is a sort of rehearsal for killing human beings.  He also states that this deep desire to harm a living creature is caused by humiliation they felt as a child; Lucas not being able to retaliate against his mom for dressing him as a girl made him feel like he should take his anger and frustration out on weak and vulnerable animals.  Killing the animals gave him the power and control him felt he never had.  Obviously Lucas was very much okay with harming living things and taking taking advantage of them because he knew he was in control and he liked the idea that the animal’s fate was dependant of his actions.  This twisted way of thinking is also used in killing his human victims.  Many times Lucas would rape his victim, once again dominating the control.  Though a link between animal abuse at a young age and violently killing later in life have never been completely proven, Lucas’s regard for life most definitely was affected by his continually killing of animals, which only making it easier for him to kill humans.
  • Beating by mother
      • Lucas experienced a concussion at a very young age that resulted in a three day coma.  Now obviously concussions are not a good thing, and can be the cause of many neurological problems.  Studies done by the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy have dissected the brains of numerous professional athletes and have been able to assess what kind of damage a concussion can cause.  They have found that a serious concussion, like the one Lucas encountered, resulting in a coma takes a serious toll on the brain.  Not only can it cause depression, sleep disorders and mental fatigue, but they also found that they can damage the brain so that it closely resembles Alzheimer’s disease which would be expected in an 80 year olds brain.  Also, the brain injury could have caused severe, irreversible damage to the frontal lobe which has been proven to affect personality and change a person into a different person, as it did in the case of Phineas Gage.  In this instance, Gage was working as a miner when an explosion shoved a pole through his head, damaging his frontal lobe.  After he recovered his friends reported his attitude as being negative overall.  Some reports state that he became violent and « uncontrollable », and that he even started molesting children. Violence and being uncontrollable seem to directly relate to Henry Lee Lucas, and the molestation even resembles Lucas a bit. A full report on Gage’s incident can be seen here: .  It was never proven in a brain scan or anything, but Henry’s abusive mother’s beatings may have changed his brain and shaped him into the murderer he is known as today.


Alcohols effects on the brain.




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